Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3D Scanners: Advantages and Disadvantages

A 3D scanner is a device that scans three-dimensional objects into the computer and views them the same way as they were scanned. There are two types of 3D scanners, contact and non-contact. The advantages and disadvantages of 3D Scanners are listed below:

Advantages of 3D scanners:
  1. Small businesses are starting to benefit from low-cost versions of these scanners
  2. Help fix defects on certain objects
  3. Very Accurate
  4. Almost all companies are benefitting from 3D scanners
  5. Easy to use

Disadvantages of 3D Scanners:

  1. The size of a 3D scanner can be as big as a small refridgerator
  2. The price of a 3D scanner is expensive. Some small businesses cannot afford them.
  3. Non-contact 3D scanners can be very slow in scanning objects
  4. The clarity of the image may not be the best
  5. Cannot be bought from public department stores. Can only be bought from private corporate companies


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